14 tips for making your clothes last longer

14 tips for making your clothes last longer

Knowing how to make your clothes last longer is the ultimate 1st step to a more sustainable wardrobe. The most eco friendly clothes are the ones you already own after all! 

There are lots of things we can do keep our lovely pieces in good condition and lasting for ages. Here's my one-stop guide to making your clothes last longer.


1. Do the washing as little as possible

Try and wear your clothes a good few times before washing. Your clothes go through a lot when they're washed, so it's best to only wash when you really need to. 


2. Look at the label and sort

Read the instructions label of your clothes before washing so you know what temperature to wash on and sort your clothes into similar groups! A great resource on what your labels mean here.


3. Revive your faded clothes

Over time most clothes will fade and lose their colour. A dye bath could be a great way to renew those favourite pieces! My favourite dye is Rit Dye, they have so many colours, it's super easy to use and 100% non-toxic. 


4. Fold your jumpers

Folding heavy jumpers will stop the fabric from stretching around a hanger. 


5. Buy high quality pieces

The more well-made your clothes are the more of a fight they'll put up after lots of washes. Don't be scared to spend money on an expensive coat that will last you many years rather than a cheaper piece that will only last one season. 


6. Use a bag for delicates

Preserve your intimates from tearing in the washing machine by protecting them in a delicates bag.  


7. Carry a stain remover pen

This is one for me, the woman who needs a bib more than a baby. Getting to a stain as soon as they happen is imperative to saving your favourite clothes. 


8. Invest in some really good hangers

Wire hangers are cheap, but they will often misshapen your clothes over time. Those lumps of material that stick up on the shoulder don't need to happen! Find some great hangers made with wood or soft material to help keep your clothes in shape. 


9. Try alluminium-free deodorant

The aluminium in your antiperspirant deodorant can cause yellowing on clothes and makes the material brittle. Trying a natural deodorant like the brand 'nothing' can make for a happy underarm and longer lasting shirts!


10. Use a clothes line

Drying naturally is much better for your clothes than the tumble, and much better for the environment too! It will stop your clothes from getting stretched out and losing elasticity.


11. Repair your clothes

Learn some basic sewing repairs on youtube to mend your own clothes. You'll be able to find a local dressmaker for more advanced repairs too. It's easier and cheaper than you imagine! 


12. Store clothes properly

Put your clothes in a cool, dry, dark closet to avoid wrinkling, and over exposure of light. Store suits and expensive dresses in canvas bags to protect them further.


13. Avoid moths 

Store your clothes made with natural fibres with lavender, cedar wood and bay leaves to avoid unwanted holes from moths.


14. Learn your iron

Personally, I only use my iron for craft projects like any sane person... but if you like your clothes to be crease free, make sure the temperature on your iron corresponds with the piece you're ironing. Going too high can result in shrinkage and burning - *guilty*. 


Let us know in the comments below if you have any more top tips for making your clothes last longer!