Stockholm Rose Designs is an ethical, eco-friendly jewellery brand. Each piece is of jewellery is handmade with reliably sourced and recycled metals. We are conscious of our impact on the world, and give back wherever we can.  
Sophie, the owner and maker behind Stockholm Rose Designs, has a background in Wildlife Conservation and a huge passion for the environment.  It is because of this that Stockholm Rose Designs  jewellery is handmade with the environment in mind, always.  

Borneo Nature Foundation

The Borneo Nature Foundation is an organization close to my heart. I worked with them years back when I was conducting research on primate density for my bachelors thesis! The Tropical Peatland that I came to love is really something to behold, and my experience there was life changing. 

I knew as soon as I started Stockholm Rose Designs, that even though I wasn’t directly working in conservation anymore I wanted to stick to my roots and help the Borneo Nature Foundation where I could.

Due to man-made canals draining the peatland throughout the Rainforest, wildfires are far more devastating than ever. When peat burns, it’s almost impossible to put out and it causes many severe problems. Including destroying the habitat of Orangutans and other animals.

With each purchase or signup to the newsletter I’ll plant a tree for you with Borneo Nature Foundation and hope that we can restore some of the habitat that has been lost in the future. If you’d like to do more, please visit their website and see how you can make a difference! You can sign up to the newsletter here.   


Measuring seedlings in Sabangau. Photo by Pau Brugues Sintes and Borneo Nature Foundation


 Metals and Processes

The silver used in Stockholm Rose Designs jewellery is Argentium Silver. It is an alloy of fine silver and germanium. The silver content is higher than that of sterling and the germanium content makes for a bright, shiny and hypoallergenic metal which is 100% recycled.
The gold used is recycled in Spain with a certified company, making sure that the gold is ethically sourced before being recycled.
The processes used to create Stockholm Rose Designs jewellery, are not harmful to the environment and cruelty free.






Packaging is important to Stockholm Rose Designs, which is why, like with everything else, we put a huge effort into it.  

Our luxurious branded boxes are included with every order. The cardboard box is made from recycled card and the paper covering is made from sustainable forests, The logo on  the boxes is foil printed, and shines silver and chrome in the light.  

 For even more splendour, each box contains hand-picked, organic dried roses from the Bulgarian Rose Valley.  They have the most beautiful light scent!  

The boxes we use to send off each package are made from 100% recycled paper fibres and padded so your jewellery has a safe journey home.