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  • What Is The Difference Between Argentium And Eco-Silver?

    When I first created Stockholm Rose Designs 3 years ago, I took a very long time researching metals. I wanted to make sure I found the most high quality, eco friendly silver and gold for my jewellery. The most important thing for me was being certain I'd done my best to make Stockholm Rose Design... View Post
  • Winner: Best sustainable jewellery brand

    I'm so happy to announce that Stockholm Rose has won a sustainable luxury award from Eluxe! 💃 View Post
  • 10 Easy Ways To Start Living More Sustainably

    More and more people every day are changing their lifestyle to one where they reduce the use of dwindling resources in their day to day life.  This is otherwise known as sustainable living.  The core principle is that members of one generation should act to conserve resources for the next generat... View Post