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  • 10 Easy Ways To Start Living More Sustainably

    More and more people every day are changing their lifestyle to one where they reduce the use of dwindling resources in their day to day life.  This is otherwise known as sustainable living.  The core principle is that members of one generation should act to conserve resources for the next generat... View Post
  • Our best sellers this October

    I know you love this time of year just as much as I do, so I’ve put together a list of pieces that are selling out as quickly as you can say ‘fall’!   View Post
  • August Favourites

    August so far, has been a great one for new finds. I've picked up some wonderful environmental friendly products that I'd love to share with you!      Reusable Coffee Filter If you're like myself and most of Sweden then you can't live without at least a couple of cups of coffee per day.  Mak... View Post

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