Metals and Materials

With a background in Wildlife Conservation, Sophie has used her inside knowledge to create jewellery in a more environmentally friendly way. It is because of this that Stockholm Rose Designs jewellery is handmade with premium recycled metals wherever possible in order to avoid the human and environmental impact that unethical mining can cause. 
Argentium Silver® is a premium recycled metal, and an alloy of silver and germanium. Sophie is a registered user of Argentium Silver® and every piece of silver jewellery is made using argentium wherever possible.  It's properties include being hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, shinier and brighter than traditional sterling and a higher silver content than sterling too. Not only that, but also 100% recycled!
The gold used in Stockholm Rose jewellery is most often recycled solid 9ct gold. Sophie is now a fair trade gold certified jeweller too!