What is Bespoke?


Over the past 4 years, we have worked with customers all over the world to bring their designs, thoughts and dream pieces to life. Bespoke jewellery brings your own ideas into creation. From wedding rings to individual necklaces and earrings, engagement rings to anniversary gifts, we offer a bespoke service that's easy to get started with. 
Do you have something wonderful in mind that you'd like us to help with? Whether you want to make changes to one of our existing pieces or create something entirely one of kind, we'd love to hear from you.

How it works


Step 1: Initial Email

The first step is a pre-consultation. We'll read your ideas and have a chat about where we can go from there and if the design will be a good fit for us both. If yes, we'll suggest creating a Pinterest board, and looking back at our instagram profile to get some more concrete visions together. 

Step 2: Consultation

Once we have some more information about your piece, we'll start to pick your mind about the exact design. These consultations can take place simply via email (which is the most common!) for international/interstate clients, or face to face by appointment if you're local.
This step of the process involves honing in on your dream design and working out the fine details!

Step 3: Final Design and Quote

During this step, we will have gathered enough information to design your piece. This will be sent to you along with a quote for your piece. 

Step 4: Confirmation and Payment

All bespoke pieces require a 50% deposit before work begins. You'll be asked to sign our terms and conditions before payment. Now the work can begin!

Step 5: Making your bespoke piece

Your jewellery will be scheduled for making very shortly. Depending on your piece, it take take 2 to 3 weeks to finish, though you will be given a more accurate timeline before you confirm your order. We'll touch base every so often to keep you in the loop.

Step 6: Completion

Your piece will undergo a quality control check to make sure your jewellery is ready to go. You'll then be notified that it's ready, we'll send you pictures of your finished piece and you'll be asked to pay the remaining balance for your jewellery.

Step 7: Shipment

The piece will then be carefully and beautifully packaged for shipment and on it's way to you!
We can't wait to hear your story.