Fusion Bar Necklace

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The Amalgam Bar Necklace is not your average bar necklace. It's handmade with argentium silver square wire, with a solid 9ct yellow gold end. It is made with square wire and is 2.5cm long, 1.5mm wide. The yellow 9ct gold end is 5mm.


The Details

  • Gift wrapped with a polishing cloth
  • Sterling silver dainty chain adjustable 16-18"
  • Ethically sourced, sustainably made 


The Amalgam Bar Necklace is handmade with argentium silver and solid 9ct yellow gold. The dainty chain is sterling silver.

Argentium is an alloy of silver and germanium. The germanium in the alloy makes for a very shiny, bright and hypo-allergic silver. It's not only the finest sterling, but it's also made with recycled metal!


  • 2.5cm long
  • 1.5mm wide
  • The gold end is 5mm.
  • 16"-18" adjustable dainty chain