August Favourites

August Favourites

August so far, has been a great one for new finds. I've picked up some wonderful environmental friendly products that I'd love to share with you!   


Reusable Coffee Filter

If you're like myself and most of Sweden then you can't live without at least a couple of cups of coffee per day.  Make those strong cups too!  I was pretty excited to find a sustainable, reusable coffee filter in a local supermarket. I'd heard about linen ones before but actually ended up buying hemp!  It works like a dream and fits most coffee machines too.  Find a similar one here


Eco Facial Cleansing Brush

Have you heard of eco tools?  It's a company that mostly makes eco friendly make-up brushes.  I was lucky enough to find a facial cleansing brush from them in my local chemist!  It has soft bristles for deep pore cleansing and gentle exfoliation. I'm absolutely in love. 


Sustainable Drinking Straws

In July I had a month off work, as is the norm in Sweden!  We had a staycation this year and I knew any usual holiday would for sure involve cocktails, so off I went shopping for the perfect glasses and straws.  Originally I looked for some bamboo straws but eventually came across stainless steel straws.  They're fantastic and make any drink look elegant.  Highly recommend since they're such good quality! My set is a bit like these.


Recycled Socks

My desk is by the door to our balcony and love the fresh air, but hate my feet getting cold!  I have a thing for warm socks, and really wanted a pair of ethically made, high quality socks.  I found these sustainably crafted ones from thought clothing made from recycled plastic.  They're heaven.