Stockholm Rose Designs is an independent ethical jewellery brand based in Stockholm, Sweden.  

The Story

Sophie Butler founded Stockholm Rose Designs in the summer of 2016 after moving from England to Sweden.  The eco friendly jewellery brand was created after Sophie took a course with the London Jewellery School and realised as she was making her first ring that this was what she would spend her life doing.  Notebooks were filled to the brim of jewellery designs and very soon after, Stockholm Rose Designs was born.

The meaning behind the brand name: Stockholm - the place where Sophie found home.  Rose - long associated with England, Sophie chose the Rose to represent her english heritage and connection to nature. 


Sophie has a background in Wildlife Conservation and has inside knowledge of just how important it is to lead a sustainable lifestyle.  It is because of this that Stockholm Rose Designs jewellery is handmade with recycled silver and gold.  Since the materials are recycled, this means that the demand of newly mined metals is lessened which benefits the environment.  Stockholm Rose Designs jewellery is made using Argentium Silver; an alloy of fine silver and germanium.  The silver content is higher than that of sterling and the germanium content makes for a bright, shiny and hypoallergenic metal which is 100% recycled.  The gold used is recycled in Spain with a certified company, making sure that the gold is ethically sourced before being recycled.

The Design

Stockholm Rose Designs' distinct and unique style is the kind that is resilient to passing fashions.  It is important that these pieces are wearable for a lifetime so the quality and design is expectant of that.  Inspiration for each piece is sometimes more obvious, and other times less so!  It's meaningful that the customer makes their own opinion on the inspirations behind a piece so they can feel a connection which will last.  

A little secret however, is that the branch collection was inspired by dainty blueberry branches at the end of autumn...

Press coverage
""Nothing sells a product better than the inspiring story of the person that made it.""
Meet the Maker Interview
Pulse London Preview Magazine - May 01, 2018
"ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Founded by a Wildlife Conservationist, Stockholm Rose Designs centres around the natural world mimicking nature with each stunning creation. Fashioned using with certified Argentium made using 100% recycled silver, each piece is hypoallergenic meaning it is suitable for those who cannot wear traditional sterling silver."
Ethical Sustainable Stocking Stuffers
Leotie Lovely - November 30, 2017
"Created by Sophie Butler, Stockholm Rose Designs has the environment in its heart - after all, she does have a degree in Wildlife Conservation! All of her designs use eco-friendly materials and processes with the main mediums of choice, recycled silver and gold. For the recycled silver, Sophie chose to go with Argentium since it is hypoallergenic, brighter than white gold, purer than sterling silver & easy to care for {& I can attest to all of this since I've been wearing the lovely Branch Ring for the last month}. The jewelry is handmade in a tiny studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and you can definitely feel the Swedish vibes within the collection. Very minimalistic, everyday wear designs with a lot of inspiration from nature. The Branch Ring is made from argentium recycled silver, and is the perfect little reminder to be a good steward to our environment."
January Lookbook
Sustainably Chic - January 01, 2018
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I am so pleased with this - it looks lovely and is obviously very high quality. I would recommend this seller every time! (Gold Circle Necklace) "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I LOVE these earrings! They are absolutely exquisite. They are delicate and demonstrate excellent craftsmanship. I appreciate the personal thank you note and the way these were packaged. They even came with a polishing cloth. The seller processed my order right away and I was shocked by how fast I received my order considering I live in the U.S. I also have to mention that I have terribly sensitive ears and these did not irritate me whatsoever. I highly recommend this shop. Thanks for my new favorite earrings! (Long Ear Climbers)"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"It is perfect, I loved it so much I immediately ordered another ring from here. The quality is spot on and the shipping was incredibly fast!!! (Double Ring) "
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Sophie Butler
The owner and maker behind Stockholm Rose Designs
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